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Back Office Management

Trucking Services

Every trucking company promises the same basic services. ADI is unique for two reasons:

  • We don't promise. We deliver.
  • We have our own fleet of trucks.


We also work with the largest and most reliable carriers in the country, to get your shipment to the right place, at the right time, in the most intelligent and efficient way.


Comprehensive Service Offering

Below are highlights from our comprehensive regional and local service offerings:

  • TL (trailer load)
  • LTL (less than trailer load)
  • FCL (full container load)
  • LCL (less than container load)
  • Air freight pick up
  • 5-borough NYC delivery
  • Store delivery


Facility features

  • 240,000 sq. ft. modern building
  • Centrally located, near all NY/NJ piers, railroads and airports
  • 40-foot ceilings (top of freight 36 inches)
  • 32 bay doors (including 10 x10-foot doors for large air containers)
  • ESFR (Early Suppression Fire Response) sprinkler system
  • Central-station, UL-rated alarm system
  • Multiple shift capabilities (including 24/7)
  • Enhanced lighting


Specialized Freight Services

If you need to transport freight in dry van full trailers (FTL) one day, and you have an LTL (less than trailerload) shipment the next day, ADI Freight Services will utilize different carriers to maximize savings and expertise for you, but you will have one point of contact, ADI Freight Services, to communicate with.


We have LTL carriers who specialize in street deliveries, inner city, New York City five boroughs, and retailer consolidator deliveries.


We will designate a carrier for your load, ensure that the freight is picked up, delivery appointments made, follow up to see that the delivery is made on time, and send you your POD (proof of delivery).


More Volume Better Rates

We are very strong in drayage, and by supplying a large volume of moves to drayage carriers, we negotiate low rates and great service in this particularly problematic area of trucking. When handling your FCL (full container load) moves we will follow up to make sure that once the container is empty, it is promptly cleared from your doors and returned to the piers. Our LCL (less than container load) carriers know the ins and outs of the various CFS stations and handle your LCL freight with care, eliminating damage claims.

We have carriers with specialized equipment ranging from Reefers (refrigerated and frozen freight), Lowboys, Flatbeds, Cranes, GOH (garment on hanger) and lift gates.


Count on Us

Through all types of trucking moves, we realize you need information. You need to know the status of your freight and where and when it's moving. You can depend on ADI Freight Services to manage your truck transport shipments for you, headache free.

To learn more about ADI Freight Services, contact us today by calling (732) 287-1110.


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