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 ADI News for the New Year 2012

ADI Logistics is OPEN in California

ADI is bringing its shipping expertise to the Los Angeles / Long Beach area. Our new facility in Carson offers all the same great services that we currently offer in New Jersey. If you are bringing merchandise to California, we can receive and ship it for you. Contact David or Robert at ADI and let us know what your California requirements are.

ADI implementing a new ERP system
Over the next few months, Accellos 3PL will replace our AS/400 software. The Accellos system allows for RF scanning, real time reporting of inventory and orders, and quick file uploads and downloads. We will be making the E-Vista module available to customers. E-Vista allows you to log into our system and see your inbound and outbound shipments in real time as well as full histories and upcoming orders. Full visibility and transparency. To benefit from this new system, we will need you to provide us with your item / SKU / UPS information.


ADI New Jersey e x p a n d i n g
ADI is expanding into an additional 80,000 sq.ft. in our current building. We are opening a large passageway between our current space and the new space creating one, large (240,000 sq. ft. + 40,000 sq. ft. of mezzanine), warehouse. The new space is fully racked and equipped with the same advance VNA systems we have at ADI now, and has an additional flow rack and conveyor systems for high volume pick and pack. Do you have more freight to send us? We have the room.



Catherine Martinez promoted to Manager of Customer Service
Catherine has been with ADI for 6 years and her knowledge and experience can be leveraged to the benefit of our customers with this new position where she is involved with almost every aspect of our administrative office. With Catherine’s promotion, and the addition to our Customer Service staff of Fernando Fonseca, we ensure your account will continue to receive our high level of service and attention.


Trucking rates increase:

Trucking prices have come under tremendous pressure lately and are rising. The following factors have been eating away at trucker’s profitability:

  • HOS rules (the amount of hours a truck driver is allowed to work before taking a required block of time off to sleep) are getting stricter.

  • Increased regulation,  

  • A severe (and worsening) driver shortage,

  • Increased expenses (insurance, repairs, fuel)

  • Mandated newer equipment (LA doesn’t allow engines from before 2006),

  • New Jersey toll increases (50% increase on the NJ Turnpike as of Jan. 1,2012),

  • Increased shipping volume and reduction in capacity.

  • Piers are charging daily chassis rental rates on containers.

All these factors means price increased trucking prices

ADI Freight Services will be adjusting rates to reflect this reality. But rest assured, we will continue to leverage our knowledge, connections, and volume discounts, to get great service at great prices for our customers.

Let ADI Freight Services schedule your trucking. An unmatched combination of Price, Service, and Reliability


Save money on small parcel (UPS and FedEx) shipping

Transport Impact is a North Carolina based company that can help you reduce your rates. UPS and FedEx have a myriad of rates and services that can be confusing and expensive if you don’t understand them. And did you know their rates are negotiable? Transportation Impact can guide you on how best to utilize UPS and FedEx while reducing your costs.


For more information contact Erin Klein at Transportation Impact and let her know ADI Logistics sent you for the most beneficial rates: office (866) 773-3823 or cell (252) 646-2101, or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Looking to upgrade your software systems?
At ADI we deal with many customers and have become familiar with many of the apparel software programs our customers use. We have opinions on their strengths and weaknesses. If you are thinking of investing in a new system, ask us our opinion. We prefer our customers use the systems we find work best, to make our life and your business easier.


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